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Who is this for?

  • Forex traders

  • Have 1 – 2 hours a day

  • Know how to read basic candlestick charts (you can learn it under 5mins)

  • Day traders (60% short term trades lasting for a few mins)

  • Day traders (30% medium term trades lasting for a few hours)

  • Swing traders (10% longer term trades lasting for more than a day)

  • Traders who trade EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, GBP/CAD, EUR/CAD, occasionally some Aussie pairs.  

  • Traders who want to join the 1% who actually make money through trading Forex. 


This live trading room service is from Mondays to Fridays, 9-11am EST.

Which means, it is especially favorable for Southeast Asian Countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong etc where the local time is 9-11pm every night.

This means you don’t have to quit your job to build a powerful side income from trading live with the Master Trader.

1. Statistics


Click Graph For Video Explanation 


More Evidence On Why This Is One Of The Best Service Out There


1. Keyword 

Searching all forex related products so we can do a fair comparison against the rest. 

2. Rank By

Next we rank it by "Popularity" so we have an idea of what is generally accepted by traders and what is not. 

3. Arrangement Of Rankings

Then we arranged it in order of high to low. So we can compare with the top forex products & services.

Using the notion "The more people use their services the more it should have some substance behind it." 

BOTS is currently ranked at 2nd place in terms of most number of paying members. 

However, to have a more accurate sense of quality, we need to see loyalty of its members. (for this we refer to point 5)

4. Filter 

We use the filter "rebill" because we are looking to compare with other forex signal products. 

5. Average Re-bill Total

Average lifetime amount re-billed per member. 

6. $ per bill

Amount earned per billing after paying for marketing expenses. 

7. Measuring Client Stickiness (loyalty) 

We do this by taking (5) divide it by (6). 

ie. $1225.74 / $44.18 = 27.7 

This means a paying member stays for an average duration of 28 billing cycles. 

This is far higher than most of the other services. 


Lets take a look at the 1st page for some comparisons. 

Refer to right side of image for their Sticky Value (SV) for each product measured by Billing Cycles (BC). 

$97 Bi-weekly

payment button.png

1.2) Daily Report

The following is a 70 days report entailing details of specific trades and signals during the live sessions.

Click Here For The Daily Report

This is how trading with the LTR looks like in fast motion. 

Alright, i'm ready to get in and start making some money trading!

All forms of trading carries high risk. With leverage you could lose more than your initial investment. All materials on this site are for educational purposes and should not be construed as financial advise.  

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