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Personal Note From Admin:

​​​​​​​Hi, welcome! 

You’ve finally made it.

I’m Josh, one of the admin of

On this platform, there are 6 core strategies that the Live Trade Room uses. Just mastering 1 of them is enough to get your trades on the greener side.

However, I will send you more strategies via email along the way for you to play around to see which strategy suits your personality and ability.

Some requires faster execution.

And some have a longer execution window for you to enter a trade.

So be sure to look out for my emails.

For the meantime I think 6 is more than enough to get you started.

I don’t want you to get overwhelmed.

Once you are ready you may join the Live Trade Room, together with 2000 over like-minded traders from all over the world, facilitated by Master Traders who have 10-15 years of trading experience and have reached the $1000/pip (per peep) Club.

The Live Trading Room happens every weekday from 930am to 1130am Eastern-standard-time.  

During this time, there will be market commentaries by the Master Traders (MTs), both fundamentals and the technical aspects of the market.

From spotting trends and identifying setups with them, to even taking live trades with them!

You also get to ask the MT questions and have them answered right on the spot.  

There is no better way to improve on your trading then to watch the Pros do it LIVE everyday in front of your very screen, at the comfort of your own home!

It may be challenging at first, but don’t be disheartened!

Your success is always worth the initial learning curve!

And we are here to make that journey a lot smoother and easiERRR.

Remember, I did not say it would be easy, but easiERRR!

Alright, that’s all for me now, enjoy learning.

And I will catch you next time.



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